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Welcome To
Help For Scientist
Welcome To
Help For Scientist


Thank you for visiting Help For Scientist.

Why should this organization donate see five reasons for this.

1) In the past, there were many scientists present in the world including India, whose invention was very beneficial for the development of the entire mankind, but due to lack of money for the experiment. they could not complete their invention. As a result, he came upon depression and committed suicide.
We do not want any scientist of the world to leave their own invention due to the lack of money and suicide after coming into depression.
2) We want to help every financially weak scientist of the world so, that no scientist should leave his own invention and commit suicide.
3) The number of orphans in the whole world including india is very high. Without the parents, children who live like orphans are living. I have noticed that such children do not get good education, which is why these children slowly catch the cross of crime. And here’s where children are going to crime, they go ahead and become a big threat to society.
To overthrow this threat, we want to give good education to the orphaned children so that no child remains uneducated.
4) To make the whole human life happier and more developed, a researcher constantly stays day and night trying to forget their hunger.
Therefore, it is our duty to help a great researcher
who gives happiness to the whole life while helping him in trouble.
5) We are working with this institution to keep a very good and true social goal for the development of everyone.

If all of you get thousands of hands for this great global social work, then our dream of giving justice to all the scientists of the world will be fulfilled…

Dear Friends,
Money has become an integral component of the life of all mankind in nowadays. But, I believe that money is not everything but, money is just a means to make human life more productive. And, all of you know that this person comes first to the scientist who works hard day and night for the welfare of all creatures including the human being.
I have seen that, the scientist who invented through any company or any university, does not lack any thing. But compared to him, without any finantial help, millions of crores of people who have invented in the worst circumstances are present in the scientific world.

Scientist Foundation Through this institution, we can help finantial help to every needy scientist of the world.
 I have raised this responsibility on my shoulder.
If you get thousands of hands for this social work, then I will understand that my work is successful.
Remember, today’s help will be the reason for tomorrow’s reform.
You can voluntarily donate as much money as you can to the institution.

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